About Bring Back Paradise

– Do what the governments don’t
– Set up and join global fundraising events
– Bring back ‘life’ in the Caribbean

Irma has caused huge damage in the Caribbean and to all the nations in the surrounded area. A few of the most idyllic, and tourism dependent, destinations in the Caribbean have been paralyzed as a result of probably the most strong Atlantic storms ever recorded. Ferocious storms are nothing new to these islands, but Hurricane Irma, with its 185 miles per hour winds, has been catastrophic. Cities, and some islands, are almost entirely in ruins. Tourism is the most crucial economic driver and the main foreign exchange earner for the region, in accordance with the Caribbean Tourism Organization. Some places, including St. Kitts and Nevis, Anguilla, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas and Sint Eustatius, emerged mostly unscathed.

What do governments do? Almost nothing. Or, they take advantage from the situation, as the Dutch Government does. Consequently the Bring Back Paradise organization is set up. We work together with entrepreneurs, organizations along with other initiatives to set up events and raise money that may be utilized to rebuild the affected nations and islands.

The Virgin Group for the BVI


The Virgin Group, the conglomerate founded by Richard Branson, has launched the Marshall Plan for Disaster Recovery for the British Virgin Islands which will address a wide range of community needs. 100% of the proceeds will go to Irma victims.

Elon Musk with Tesla

TARGET: Restore power for the children’s hospital: Hospital del Niño 

A children’s hospital was demolished by the hurricane in Puerto Rico, but had its power restored thanks to electric carmaker Tesla. The Hospital del Nino in San Juan, that has at least 35 seriously ill patients, has been in urgent need of electricity since the energy infrastructure of the US territory was decimated by Hurricane Maria last month.

Fund racing with Stotsy

TARGET: Rebuild Puerto Rico and aid the people that require help.

Car racing is amongst the most popular sports on the planet. However, only a few of us get a chance to experience the thrill of actually racing on a track. We can offer you that opportunity. We believe in giving back. And that is why The Top 100 DJ’s Foundation and Stotsy will organize Fund Racing for Puerto Rico during Miami Music Week 2018. All proceeds from this event will be donated to organizations involved in the aid of Puerto Rico which is still suffering from the aftermath of hurricane Irma, striking the area in September of 2017.

Richard Branson with Virgin Unite

Target: Raise money to rebuild the bvi

Although not on Necker this year, we are determined for the show to go on, so hosting the #NeckerCup in the Bahamas to raise funds for British Virgin Islands recovery efforts. The outpouring of support for the BVI has really been awe inspiring. The Necker Cup has raised more than $3 million for good causes in previous years, and I am hopeful we may make a difference in raising consciousness and funds for the rebuilding of the communities in the BVI too.

Boatsters & Sherakhan

Target: raise money & goods to help rebuild st. martin

Daan Stots, Boatsters & The Sherakhan organized a special christmas charity fundraising event in Amsterdam on the 13th of December. The Sherakhan will venture towards the Caribbean islands after the event so it will arrive on time for Christmas on St Martin filled with supplies for the entire island. The Sherakhan is also available for charter in the Caribbean over Christmas and New Year. After a decade of successful chartering in the Caribbean during the Winter, and in the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria, the Owner Jan Verkerk has agreed to donate $20.000 per booking.

Marriott Hotel for Puerto Rico

XLD Group, the Chinese investment firm that owns the Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino in Condado, is so confident Puerto Rico’s tourism sector will bounce back after Hurricane María that it already has plans to build a second hotel, with a projected $40 million investment.

The Marriott, which sustained damage during Hurricane Maria, remains open and operational.

AT&T For Puerto Rico & BVI

AT&T offers customers unlimited connectivity in areas impacted by hurricane Maria and Irma. To help their affected customers, they’ve automatically provided credits for AT&T Wireless, AT&T PREPAID, DIRECTV and DIRECTV Prepaid service in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

St. Maarten open for business

BVI open for Business